Naturetexx Plasma


Easy care

No need to hand wash your Naturetexx Plasma treated garments - just throw them in the washing machine.

When we say machine washable, that means in all cases washable at 30 degrees celcius in a washing machine.

In many cases garments can be machine washed at 40 degrees celcius and can also be tumble dried on a low temperature setting, but always check the label on your garments for exact washing instructions!

Full-featured Merino performance

Because the fibre is fundamentally modified, easy care properties are permanent. There are no additives or coatings that can wear off. In addition, there is

  • no degradation in fibre strength - testing show the same durability and breaking strength as unmodified fibres
  • good pilling resistance - avoids the tendency of some textiles to form little balls of fibres after wear
  • additional moisture absorbtion capability which means that sweat absorbs even faster during exercise.