Naturetexx Plasma


Because the Naturetexx Plasma treatment is applied early in the production process, before the fibres are spun into yarn and knitted or woven into fabric, there are no limitations to the use of the products:

  • same strength as untreated or alternatively treated wool
  • easily blended with other fibres to deliver a range of properties specific to the garment's requirements
  • takes up dye well for vibrant long lasting colours.


For all fashion garments - whether pullovers and knitted fashion or in formal suits and casual jackets - ethical machine washability compliments the renewable, biodegradable Merino fibre.

Outdoor and performance wear

Südwolle Group has been at the forefront of the re-emergence discovery of wool as a natural technical fibre and the Naturetexx Plasma is the next step along this path. Warm, breathable, moisture managing and odour resistance are the key properties that make Merino ideal for:

  • functional underwear
  • baselayer
  • midlayer
  • insulation layers


Naturally fire retardant, antistatic, UV blocking, Naturetexx Plasma Merino is perfect for breathable base and insulation layers in high activity workwear or in long lasting and functional corporate wear and uniforms.


Naturetexx Plasma Merino wool is the perfect easy care sock fibre, with fine Merino fibres being comfortable, durable, colourful, breathable and warm. Warm when dry and also because of the unique properties of wool, when wet. The best socks in the world are made with Merino wool – for fashion and for sports.