Naturetexx Plasma


Nature's technical luxury fibre

Merino wool is nature's technical fibre. Evolved to protect the Merino sheep from the extremes of climate high in the mountains, wool is a naturally complex fibre that has a number of unique properties that make it the natural choice for performance clothing. The incredibly fine fibres make it beautifully soft next to your skin and the way it hangs and flows explains the timeless appeal of soft comfortable, colourful wool. Together with Naturetexx Plasma treatment Merino wool is the obvious, natural and environmentally conscious choice for a wide range of apparel.

The properties of wool


  • Natural – Wool is an entirely natural fibre grown by an animal
  • Renewable – Sheep produce a new fleece every year 
  • Biodegradable – When wool fibre is buried, it decomposes quickly

Temperature control

  • Wool is a great insulator: the fine fibres and complicated structure trap air to help keep you warm
  • Even when wool gets wet a chemical reaction in the wool fibre actually releases heat keeping you warm even when you get wet

Odour free

  • Wool is remarkable, in that it doesnt easily absorb smell, which means you can wash woolen garments less often, saving water and energy, and prolonging the life of the garment


  • Merino wool is not old fashions scratchy wool. The incredibly fine fibres are soft, comfortable and perfect for underwear and for babies and children.

Moisture managing

  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water before it feels wet. This means in warm conditions you feel dryer and more comfortable for longer and moisture is released as water vapour away from the body. Wool is very effective at keeping the wearer dry by moving moisture away from the Skin.

Other properties

  • Wool is naturally anti-static - it will not build up an electric charge
  • UV protection - Wool absorbs UV light and provides strong protection against sunburn and skin damage
  • Flame retardant - Wool is difficult to ignite and when it does burn, it chars, rather than flaming or melting. It is much safer to wear next to skin than synthetic fibres.